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Pristine appliances do look great and works like wonder. And what’s better than a double door refrigerator or a fully automatic washing machine and let’s not end here, a perfect hairdryer because morning persons have to save the time and time is money.

Appliances come in handy they work efficiently and they should. You can’t imagine them passing out all of a sudden. Do you? Well trouble begins if your answer is a ‘yes’. Let’s face the truth these electrical appliances are a must and without them your dining area or the hall or even a bed room is incomplete.

Electrical appliances do come in a various range and necessities. These home appliances can be a refrigerator, washing machines, air-conditioners, hair dryer, toaster, microwave ovens, water heaters and induction cookers. All household appliances consume electricity and needs time to time maintenance although sometimes we fail and occurrence of a problem takes place. Now it may be consistent or get away with time but here are some common appliance problems which one comes across:

  • Clogged defrost drainer
  • Defrost problem
  • Clogged ducting(dryer)
  • Broken lid or switch(washer/dryer)
  • Motor coupling(washer)
  • No power at an outlet
  • Ovens won’t produce heat or won’t turn on
  • In washing machine electronic control board may stop working
  • Frozen evaporator coils(air-conditioner)
  • Dirty condenser coils
  • Low refrigerant( refrigerant is the stuff that your air-conditioner uses to remove the heat and humidity from the air in your home or business)
  • Other common problems with existing air-conditioner result from faulty installation, poor service procedures and inadequate maintenance.
  • Water dripping from geyser

You can either try to fix the above mentioned problems on your own but it increases the probability of worsening the existing problem more. There might be some unnoticed underlying technical issues which should be monitored and handled by the technicians. Get your dryer repair and freezer repair in Melbourne; tell technician your problem just by clicking on asappliances.com.au.

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