AS Appliances Repair Services

Do you need an appliance repair specialist for your washing machine, dryer, stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher, freezer, fridge or simply looking for an air-conditioner installer.

AS Appliances Repair Services, specialize in all home appliances, makes and models. Our technicians are fully qualified for any type of repair in all suburbs of Melbourne. We believe in customer satisfaction and thats why we provide quality service. If you need an urgent maintenance or service, call us on 0401 866 781. We are available 24 hrs/7 days a week.

Washing Machine Repair
Washing machine is leaking
Washer doesn't start
Waher is making funny noise
Washing is leaving marks on clothes
Clothes are still dirty
Washer is not draining
Door will not open at end of cycle
Drum will not rotate
Machine overfills and floods
No water entering machine
Washer stuck on wash cycle
Washer doesn’t fill with water
Waher is not spinning
Washer is unbalance

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Dryer Repair
Dryer is not turning on
Dryer drum is not trumbling
Dryer drum spins but there no heat
Dryer is running too hot
Dryer is giving burning smell
Dryer is noisy
Dryer humming noise
Dryer is tripping power switch
Dryer struggling to spin
Dryer is not drying the clothes
Dryer is not stopping & keeps running

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Cooktop Repair
Cooktop has irregular flame
Cooktop is not igniting
Cooktop slector switch problem
Cooktop gas smell
Cooktop electric coil is not heating
Cooktop causing short circuit

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We are here to help
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Oven Repair
Oven is not heating
Oven is getting too hot
Oven fan not working
Oven is tripping power switch
Oven door not closing properly
Oven loosing heat
Oven gasket torn
Oven Fan is noisy
Oven clock is not working
Oven grill is not working

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Refrigerator Repair
Fridge is not cooling
Fridge fan is not working
Freezer icing up
Fridge is tripping the power
Fridge part is not getting cold
Fridge compressor is not working
Puddle of water under the fridge
Fridge is leaking water
Fridge door is not closing properly
Fridge water dispensor is not working
Freezer is not making ice
Fridge display is not working
Fridge is beeping

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We are here to help
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Dishwasher Repair
Dishwasher is not washing dishes
Dishwaser leaves mark on dishes
Dishwaher water is not heating up
Dishwaher is tripping the power
Dishwasher pump is running continously
Diswhasher is not filling the water
Diswasher door is not closing properly
Diswasher is making ratling noise
Diswasher broken latch
Diswasher is making humming noise
Diswasher is filling & drain the water
Dishwaher broken drain hose
Diswacher is not completing the cycle
Diswaher is flashing light

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Air Conditioner Installation
Looking For an Air Con Installer
Split Conditioner Installation
Any Brand
Reasonable Price
Quick Service
Reliable & Trustworthy work
100% Satisfaction on installation
Guaranteed Work

Qualified, Well Trained and
Registered Installer
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We service all makes and models but are not limited to: